About Us

Meet the team behind the Stellar Short Film Festival! Jasmine and Sarah are two friends from the Mornington Peninsula, under the spell of the silver screen from an early age. With a love of the laidback beach lifestyle that the Frankston area offers and a combined passion for bringing the best Australian shorts to the people, the Stellar Short Film Festival was conceived. They’ve also written, acted in, produced and directed short films of their own. Both women may or may not harbour a secret love of the Nicolas Cage masterpiece ‘Con Air’. (Don’t judge. They’re only human).


Jasmine Charles

Jas is the team’s uber-organised planner and manager with a wickedly sly sense of humour. Jasmine counts ‘The Outsiders’, ‘Reality Bites’, ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘She’s Out of Control’ (take a bow, Tony Danza!) amongst her favourite films.

Sarah Halfpenny

Sarah is a skilled wearer of glasses and an avid spider avoider who is all about words and grammar. Sarah’s a cinematic enigma, with an equal love of films as seemingly disparate as ‘Annie’, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and ‘Rear Window’.